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Rebuilt Delco Hypower With Threaded Rod

Rebuilt Delco Hypower With Threaded Rod
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Product Description

This is the original Hypower brake booster, if marked as unavailable we recommend the conversion kit to the Hydro-Max brake or the Air-Hydraulic Brake systems.

B7 1993-2002

C50 1990-1990

C5500 Kodiak 1990-1991

C70 1990-1990

C70 Kodiak 1990-1996

P6000 1992-1996

B7 1993-2002

C5000 1990-1990

C5000 Topkick 1990-1991

C6000 1990-1990

C6000 Topkick 1990-1996

C7000 1990-1990

C7000 Topkick 1990-1996

P6500 1992-1996

P40 1984-1990

P60 1984-1990

Original Hypower part numbers - 18018131, 18015776