Sweeting Performance

Our owner is the third generation in automotive braking systems. His father and grandfather were in rebuilding, and rebuilt mountains of brake boosters, and master cylinders. The market for rebuilt units changed, and we have shifted towards manufacturing and retrofitting new braking systems to new and older vehicles. We design and offer upgraded and modernized braking systems for many obsolete applications, as well as improving current ones.





Right now we are looking for somebody part-time, 2 to 3 days a week, to assemble, rebuild, pack, and ship products. Call if you are local to Orange County and have general mechanic experience, or specific brake rebuilding experience. (714)330-5286


Sweeting Performance 14332 Thunderbird Cir. Huntington Beach, CA 92647


We cover many applications and there is endless variation because of the performance swaps that people do on their vehicles. We generally have thousands of parts and pieces on the shelf, but do have to assemble orders when we get them. We are a manufacturer so there are parts that we design/engineer, machine, modify, weld, cut, grind, paint, plate, powder coat, source, rebuild, assemble, and disassemble, all of which takes time. There are usually other orders in front of yours, so please do assume it will take some time to put your order together. Most manufacturers will communicate availability in "in stock, 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day" lead times. Our intent is to work hard to deliver faster than any comparable alternative, we put a lot of time and resources into having parts ready. Currently most hose kits, individual fittings, and items under $100 will ship in about a week (often less), most common Hydro-Boost Hydro-Max and Air-Hydraulic brake assemblies are at about 30-60 days to build, less common applications that require us to make or even design new parts are at about 60 days to ship, and special finishes like chrome or powder coat are at about 90 days to build.

We aim for quality, and use the best methods, not the quickest-but-cheapest ones, please make you plans accordingly.

When your order is together we will generally ship UPS or USPS. Orders may ship in one or multiple packages based on shipping price/speed, how they fit in packaging, and when parts of the order are ready. Let us know if the Post Office or UPS is not good for you, or if you have any other particular instructions for shipping, and we can try to oblige.


Most of the products we sell follow time tested principles, and are newly made, not rebuilt. There is a medium skill level involved in installing them, so we provide as much instruction and troubleshooting tips as we can, check the instructions that came with your product as issues you may be having are likely already covered there. If you still have problems, call in and we will likely have advice to easily resolve the problem.

Most issues will be resolved with troubleshooting over the phone, hard issues will usually manifest as fitment or leaking, and you can ship it to 14332 Thunderbird Cir. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 for correction. Call before shipping. We are not responsible for the capabilities of the installer, or if a customer just changes their mind, so if you seek to cancel or return the product but there were no errors in the product, a restocking fee will apply (typically around 5%). When items are sent back, they will be inspected and tested for error. We don't profit off of the restocking fees, credit card processing fees originate from both the sale and the refund of the order, and if the cancellation is not due to an error on our part, then the 5% will be retained from the refund to cover these fees that were cause by the initiation of the order.

Billing/Returns: most online and phone orders will be billed cash in advance. If there are issues with shipping time or satisfaction with the product a refund can be sought, but you will not keep both the money and the product - pick one. We are not responsible for return shipping if the refund is due to installer error, or if you buy incomplete kits and the components that you match with ours aren't compatible. Our products are considered to have a medium level of complexity in installing and may require tools or other parts (like re-flared brake lines) to make them work, which you accept when placing an order with us. If you chargeback without letting us refund you minus the 5% restocking fee, you will be responsible for the 5% fee plus $50 to cover the fees that come from the chargeback.

This policy supersedes any Credit Card Company or Credit Cards Processors' decisions of returning your money, and you consent to it by placing your order. If they award you your money back because of a technicality, and you have the product, then you will ship the product back immediately, and authorize us to charge your card again or provide new billing information in order to hold the funds until we receive the product back or during any period that the money is tied up in dispute, and we will then issue the funds back minus the restocking fee. If the products can no longer be resold as new, then money may be deducted from the refund. You also consent to receiving our communications with regards to collecting on a bill through any and all means of communication now in existence or hereafter created.


Do you drop ship? Drop shipment is available, provide the deliver to address, drop ship carriers may be used to deliver large orders instead of UPS.