Sweeting Performance - Bosch Hydro-Boost, Bosch Hydro-Max, Vacuum, and Air-Hydraulic Power Brake Systems

ACDelco Hy-Power Brake Boosters, Master Cylinders, Motors, and conversions to Bosch Hydro-Max

Hy-Power (Delco)
Replacement components for the Delco Hy-Power that was available on medium duty GM trucks. We stock what we can for direct replacement parts, but since otherwise these parts are a little hard to find, we have conversions to the Bosch Hydro-Max which is more readily available. Original Hypower part numbers - 18018131, 18015776. B7 1993-2002, C50 1990-1990, C5500 Kodiak 1990-1991, C70 1990-1990, C70 Kodiak 1990-1996, P6000 1992-1996, B7 1993-2002, C5000 1990-1990, C5000 Topkick 1990-1991, C6000 1990-1990, C6000 Topkick 1990-1996, C7000 1990-1990, C7000 Topkick 1990-1996, P6500 1992-1996, P40 1984-1990, P60 1984-1990