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Hydro-Max Brake Conversion for Delco Hy-Power

Hydro-Max Brake Conversion for Delco Hy-Power
Item# HMGMHP9396
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Product Description

The parts for the original brake system are next to impossible to find, and what is available is generally low quality. This converts it, with all brand new parts, to the reliable and much more supportable Hydro-Max brake system.

The conversion is for vehicles that came with the Hy-Power brake system: B7 1993-2002

C50 1990-1990

C5500 Kodiak 1990-1991

C70 1990-1990

C70 Kodiak 1990-1996

P6000 1992-1996

B7 1993-2002

C5000 1990-1990

C5000 Topkick 1990-1991

C6000 1990-1990

C6000 Topkick 1990-1996

C7000 1990-1990

C7000 Topkick 1990-1996

P6500 1992-1996

P40 1984-1990

P60 1984-1990

Original Hypower part numbers - 18018131, 18015776