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New Universal Subaru Hydro-Boost Upgrade Brake Booster

New Universal Subaru Hydro-Boost Upgrade Brake Booster
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Product Description

This NEW Hydro-Boost, hydraulically powered brake booster, fits Subaru vehicles. It is the perfect solution for Subarus because Subarus will always have trouble with brakes, because all cars with turbos will always have problems with brakes. Most performance modifications made to engines, like forced induction and big camshafts, rob the vacuum needed to power booster. No vacuum means no vacuum assist in your braking, leaving a fast car with no brakes. Big expensive brake pads and rotors require more power to push, if your engine was not producing any vacuum with your stock calipers and rotors, they will perform worse with big calipers that demand more pressure to operate. While the cost of a Hydro-boost may be pricier than the standard factory vacuum boosters, it is 1/4 the price of a big brake kit that still won't work with out a Hydro-boost.

The Hydro-Boost is about the width of a fist in diameter and generates 1200 to 2000psi to the calipers. It is powered by pressure from the power steering pump and requires No Vacuum.

It comes in standard black but chrome and powder coat options are available. It uses New Bosch brake components, and we are Bosch's special contractor to adapt it for conversion on vehicles that did not come with it stock. Every product comes with a warranty from us and Bosch.

The advantages are that no "small bore" master is required, firewall and valve cover clearance is increased, and frame mounted Hydro-Boosts are the same width as a master cylinder giving additional exhaust pipe clearance. The Hydro-Boost can be fitted anywhere a vacuum booster will fit. Japanese and European cars tend to come with small master cylinders, so 99% of the time it will require the purchase of an American style master cylinder, so though it is an option in the menus, you are suggested to purchase it.

It can use stainless braided hoses or rubber type. Brackets are available for most applications, we engineer new ones all the time, you can call us to prototype an application for anything you do not see posted, and we have a set of 2 bolt and 4 bolt universal mounts that will fit nearly anything.