Sweeting Performance - Bosch Hydro-Boost, Bosch Hydro-Max, Vacuum, and Air-Hydraulic Power Brake Systems

Repair Kit X3369884

Item# 3369884


Hydro-Boost (Bosch / Bendix)
Sweeting Performance - Bosch Hydro-Boost Power Brake Boosters, Master Cylinders, and Hose Kits
Power Steering Hose and Fittings
Air-HydraulicBrake Pedals (Universal / Aftermarket)
Calipers, Disc Conversions, & UpgradesMaster Cylinders & Proportioning Valves
Master Cylinders & Proportioning Valves
Teves (ATE) Electric-Hydraulic Power Master Cylinder
Teves (ATE) Electric-Hydraulic Power Master Cylinder Boosters, Master Cylinders, Pressure Switches, Accumulators, Electric Pumps, and Conversions
Teves (ATE) Hydraulic Brake Booster
Teves (ATE) Hydraulic Brake Boosters, Master Cylinders, Accumulators, Charging Blocks, and Conversions
Powermaster Accumulators, Pressure Switches, Motors, and Conversions for Buick Grand National, Turbo T-Type Regal, and other GM Cars
Wheel Cylinders