About Sweeting Performance

We specialize in performance brake systems, particularly the Hydro-Boost and Hydro-Max. The owner, Matt Sweeting, is the third generation in automotive braking systems, his father and grandfather were in rebuilding, and they rebuilt mountains of brake boosters, and master cylinders. Matt was rebuilding brake boosters from a young age: tearing down, buffing, washing, painting, stocking, installing, sourcing, and the general business of brake parts.

Being a third generation brakeman meant being taught the right ways about brake systems new and classic, and having a natural familiarity with these systems from taking them apart and put them back together repeatedly. The market for rebuilt units has changed, and we have shifted towards manufacturing and retrofitting new braking systems for new and older vehicles. We design and offer upgraded and modernized braking systems for many obsolete applications, as well as improving current ones.


The Bosch Hydro-Boost is what we use for applications from sports cars on up to F350's and 3500 GM and Chrysler Trucks. It is smaller than the 7" hot rod booster and can generate 1200 to 2000 psi at the calipers. It accepts master cylinders from 15/16" to 1 5/8" bore sizes. We stock factory replacements for vehicles that they came on, but also adapt new and rebuilt units for retro-fit on vehicles that didn't come with them.

The Hydro-Boost is powered by pressure from the power steering pump and requires no vacuum. The other option is a vacuum pump with a small bore master cylinder that jacks up the pressure to the calipers, but small bore masters won't put out the volume needed to fill caliper pistons, and vacuum pumps won't keep up. You can also spend a lot of money on great big calipers, but they tend to be more demanding of volume and pressure, so they don't work unless you have a Hydro-Boost. It provides great valve cover clearance, and exhaust pipe clearance when frame mounted. The Hydro-Boost fits any where a vacuum booster does. It can use stainless braided hoses or crimped high pressure rubber type. We have many direct replacements, our own retrofit applications, and can design anything else.

Popular Hydro-Boost New Replacement, Rebuilt Replacement, Conversion, and Upgrade applications are:

• GM Trucks • Ford Trucks • Dodge Trucks • Toyota Trucks • Land Rovers • Diesels that came with Vacuum Boosters with Vacuum Pumps • Jeeps and Other Off-Road Vehicles • Land Rovers • Cadillacs • Jaguars • Buick, Pontiac, & Oldsmobile • Ferraris / Lamborghinis • Panteras • Muscle Cars - Chevelle, Camaro, Corvette, Nova, Tri-Five, Impala and Full Size Chevy, Mustang, T-Bird, Crown Vic, Torino, and Cobra, Charger, Challenger • Hot Rods


The Hydro-Max is what we use for Ford F450 and GM Chrylser 4500 on up vehicles. It comes on many buses and tow trucks, along with almost anything built on a 4500 on up commercial chassis until air brakes come in. It works off the power steering pump as well, but instead of having an accumulator for backup, it has an electric motor that will continue to provide stopping power as long as there is a battery charge. This electric motor backup is an important feature because the vehicle won't come to any sort of safe stop if you had no power assist from the engine shutting off (like would happen with vacuum assist). The part numbers that International, GM, or another manufacturer can easily go obsolete if the vehicle is more than ten years old, because that is usually when the warranty support ends, we can retrofit new available units to fit whatever your application is.

Popular Hydro-Max Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, and Electric Motor applications are:

• Freightliners • Thomas Built Buses • GM Topkicks, Kodiaks, B7 • Delco-Hypower Conversions • GMC and Chevy 4500 5500 and 6500's • Blue Bird Buses • & Build to suit retrofits for obsolete part numbers


Wilwood Calipers, Discs, and Master Cylinders


Master Cylinders for GM, Ford, & Mopar vehicles.


Electro-Hydraulic / Electric Brake Boosters / Electric Master Cylinders, which include electric motors, brake pressure switches, and brake accumulators. We have conversions for other vehicles where parts are obsolete, expensive, and not available. Popular electric brake booster applications include:

• Hummer H2, H3 • Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, and Land Cruiser • Lexus LX470, GX 470 • Buick Electra, Le Sabre, Reatta, and Riviera • Cadillac Deville, El Dorado, Fleetwood, Seville • Oldsmobile 98, Delta 88, Toronado, • Pontiac 6000, Bonneville • Land Rover Range Rover Electric ABS • Lincoln Mark VII ATE (Tevis) ABS System • Buick Grand National and Turbo Regal Powermaster


Stainless Braided Power Steering Hoses and Fittings:

• 2 Stainless Braid 2 Rubber Hydro-Boost Hose Kits • 4 Stainless Braid Hydro-Boost Hose Kits • Reusable -6 AN Fittings • 14mm to -6 AN Fittings • 16 mm to -6 AN Fitting • 18 mm to -6 AN Fitting • 5/8ths to -6AN Fitting • 11/16ths to -6 AN Fitting • Spitter Fitting to -6AN (conversion from hose barb for a stainless line on the HB Return) • Crimped 16 and 18 mm Banjo Hoses, Crimped 90 Stainless Hoses, Crimped Straight Stainless Hoses

Hydro-Boostฎ and Hydro-Maxฎ are registered trademarks of the Robert Bosch Corp., we are a licensed dealer for their brake components, and resell and modify them for retrofit. GM, Ford, Chrysler, and other vehicle brand names are property of their respective owners, and we build replacement parts that support their vehicles on our own.